Nenard Limoy (slimgatsby) wrote in film_makers,
Nenard Limoy

OMGWTF! Furries Saga - Season 1, Episode 3: Revenge of the Yiff (Part III)

Before beginning his journey with Martino, Robert provides a taste of his family life and a familiar face returns. It proves to be the beginning of a fateful night when Tio Koggey must accept the blunders of his subordinates as blunders of his own. Meanwhile, in a gripping instance of life imitating art, Umgotts Studios gets a visitor with a dire message: that they are awful and need to stop making their unfunny videos.

In this successor to the original OMGWTF! Furries documentary, the consequences left throughout our culture for years after the original piece was completed. Some of the original cast returns. Some of the original cast has been brutally murdered. A dangerous enemy is at large, and Umgotts Studios is gearing up to release another stupid home movie. Meanwhile, a curious young man on a quest for justice, revenge, and vengeance is about to make his first foray into the furry fandom.

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