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Age/Date of Birth
What do u do when you work on films (indie or Pro) (producing, directing, editing, acing, sound, grips, camera....Etc.)? everything. I work alone b/c noone will help me.
10 Bands: NoDoubt, Rufio, Suburban Legends, Bad Religion, Cherry Poppin Daddys, Lost Prophets, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Goners, Dashboard Confessional, Blue October
10 Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Outsiders. Pulp Fiction. Life in the Bathtub of the World. Oceans 11 & 12. Star Wars. Cinderella. Rumble Fish. The Shining. and...Tru Confessions
Editing Software? (if any) Adobe Premier. Mac programs. Flash. and someothers.
Opinions [DETAiLS] I like working on the Mac the best!
best Movie of ALL time? um.....Rocky Horror!
Pirating? ?????
Best Camera? well. I like my Cannon camera and all. but on my Sony I can interview in night vision!
have you ever worked pro? I worked for the High School's jumbotron. that was fun.
ever worked overnight? yeah, on the Jumbotron.
Going to film School? I plan on it.
ever cried at the end of a production? yes. b/c I was angry at the end result. so im going back and doing it all over again.
What productions have you worked on? none really. except for this years slideshow.
Have you worked pro... if so with whom and on what? not really. again just jumbotron
Why you should be accepted, & why exactly you applied: b/c I feel that im good material. and my work could give ideas to other people. and im pretty damn well educated. so if you have anyquestions. hit me up.
tell us a story about anything (to do with film) that might interest us...well, with having a huge band family thats usually really spontanious, it's surprising how many get camera shy. well the one time I get these guys to do something, they do a swoard fight with these huge plastic candy canes they stole from Choir. and when they we're fighting they broke them. so they hid it from the teacher for a really long time. and I wound up using the footage on a fun video to put on the announcements. and well, they got in trouble, and they say I have to pay for it, b/c it's my fault they got in trouble.haha.
Email Adress? gothunwanted@yahoo.com
Something interesting below...... about your influences? Charlie Chaplin. just friggen awesome. nuff said.

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